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It's time of Christmas stories

Cyprus - I am not just writing…I am a writer!

The module we worked on, "Little Books-Big Ideas" was completed in eight lessons. Some of the activities that took place were:

The children sat in a circle and read Christmas stories. They watched Christmas movies and wrote their own stories.

Actors were invited and read some chapters from Dickens' book "Christmas Carols". Children watched parts of the film and wrote dialogues that they dramatized. We invited an illustrator and the children made Christmas drawings with him.

Authors were invited to present the stages of writing and publishing a book.

In the last lesson, the children were divided into groups according to the topic they preferred and after a discussion, they wrote their own fantastic story in their small notebooks which they decorated. They integrated Technology (QR codes, Quiver). The topics were: Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Elves.

Romania - Christmas Book Fair

The winter holidays are fast approaching and, alongside them, their magic begins. This year, however, we will spend them a bit differently: within the safety of our homes.

It is, undoubtedly, a special year; therefore, special activities should have been thought and implemented. With this in mind, we decided that the traditional Christmas Fair organised every year in our school to become a digital Book Fair. What is this book fair about? Interested students will have to digitally promote their favourite book, realising an attractive presentation based on its content. Having seen the presented book presentations, the students would choose the book they may be interested in reading. In a few days, the final products will be collected, sorted by fields and published on a Padlet. All students of the school will have access to the different domains of Padlet they are interested in and vote for their favourite book. This way, we can identify the students' interest, as well as the reading groups to be organised during holidays.

The most voted book will be designated the Book of the Year and the student who has promoted it will receive as a gift ... a book!

Being excited about having means of celebrating the winter magic, the members of the School Reading Club have already started the promotion of the activity in the school community. To find out what book was entitled "Book of the Year", stay tuned for the next article!

 Portugal - Holidays are coming: enjoy some reading moments!

Holidays are always a good time to enjoy reading moments. Therefore, we proposed our students a set of books which are part of the our National Reading Plan and which match their preferences and interests.

We chose the books considering the different age groups and the literary genres.

We expect them to embrace this proposal as it is a good way of spending their free time, as well as a way of developing their reading skills.

The books are the ones which are in the picture below.

L'amore per il libro viaggie in tandem. Evento onl...
The guidelines are ready!


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